Articles by Amy Fish


5 Tips for Creating an

Assertiveness Training Program That Works 

Training Industry, October 2019


Opinion: Complainers Are the Ones Who Bring Change 

Montreal Gazette, June 2019


Complaining Led Me To My Bliss   

Finding Your Bliss Magazine, May 2019

Writing Into The Silences: An AWP Panel Assay Journal for the Study of Creative Non-Fiction

April 2019


When Someone Shows You Who They Are

Believe Them the First Time 

Hippocampus Magazine May 2018


Wake Up

(haikuniverse 2018)


Feeding the Kids vs. Eating as a Family 

Huffington Post December 2015


Pancakes for Breakfast, Crêpes for Lunch: The Day We Put Quebec City on the Menu 

QAHN August 2015


All about learning circles

(Long Term Care Today Summer 2015)


My 12 Year Old Son Invited a Girl

to His House But He Wasn't There to Greet Her 

March 2015


Three Tips for Complaining Successfully 

Reader's Digest February 2015


3 Tips for Complaining Successfully

(Reader's Digest Feb 2014)


Feminist Dilemma: A Chess Champ in Sparkly Nails 

July 2014

Habs or History? A Mother's Dilemma

 February 2014


Book Reviews by Amy Fish

Four Ways to Relate to and Appreciate Mama, Mama, Only Mama If You Are Not a Single Parent or A Parent At All 

July 2019

Blissful Beach Read: Blissfully Blended Bullsh*t 

July 2019


Six Things This Book is About and What

Happened When I Read It 

January 2019


Amy Fish Guest Blogs


Complaining Led Me to My Bliss

(Finding Your Bliss 2019)


Back to School: 4 Tips for Talking to Teachers 

Montreal Moms August 2017


Feeding The Kids vs. Eating as a Family

(Huffington Post December 2015)


The Art of Complaining Effectively Success Stories 

Wise Women Canada  November 2015

Teaching Our Kids to Be Good Complainers 

Wise Women Canada Summer 2015


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